My E-mail database of 50,000 qualified national hotel users, split into 211 lists, split per market segment, per Region – gives me the ability to target market and not use the “shot gun” approach.

Most recently I was co-owner and Director of African Insignia hotels and have been in the hospitality industry for 27 years, with Protea Hotels, Southern Sun and Director of Sales & Marketing for Holiday Inn Sandton and Crowne Plaza Rosebank to name a few – I have decided to go on my own as I have seen the benefit of e-mail marketing and the ROI to my clients.

Clients are looking for “instant gratification” where they find the information on your website or mine or via the mailers I send out to them – I have found that the e- mailers I send are generating good ROI for my clients as the companies are “filing them” and often I get an “old” mailer asking me to let them have more info. The clients are also used to going to my properties directly as they know I do not work on commission and that there are no additional charges and that I will not recommend properties I am not 100% comfortable with, within that properties offering.

Even the larger group sales executives are finding it more and more difficult to get appointments with clients – however I am in the fortunate position that the clients know that I mail them valuable information and as such our “opt out” statistics are almost 0 but what is growing is where they pass it onto their friends and colleagues who then ask to be added to the database.

Once the business grows I plan to employ someone on a contract basis with experience, for those market segments who need to be visited, to go out on the road to do this and will then add to the offering. I will however still attend workshops on behalf of the hotels on my Portfolio and assist with presentations where necessary.

Below the value which I will be adding to your property/business and ensure your ROI

The best of all is the monthly fee is not going to break the bank either – will discuss with you depending on your requirements.

LMC MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS shall provide the following services to the Client:

Marketing & Communications

E-mail database of 50,000 qualified national hotel users, split into 211 lists, split per market segment, per Region – ability to target market and not use the “shot gun” approach.

  • Airlines
  • Corporate – National Database of active clients
  • Embassy
  • High Commission
  • Government – National
  • Leisure
  • Media National
  • Medical
  • Municipalities – National 10. PCOs – National
  • Production Houses
  • Schools
  • Shipping
  • Sporting Golfing, Fishing, Cycling and many more
  • Special Events Organizers – National
  • Travel Trade- National
  • Travel Trade – Africa
  • Tour Operators – National and International
  • Unions – National
  • Wedding Planners KZN
  • Unions
  • Universities/Technikons
  1. Assistance with property specific marketing plan and calendar of specials and events.

  2. Assistance with setting rates for various market segments.

  3. Press releases

  4. Arrange Press visits/functions – Public Relations features

  5. Arrange barter deals with Media in exchange for Prizes of weekends where property enjoys mileage in media

  6. News letters to clients

  7. Represent Unit at Corporate and Travel Workshops / Tradeshows – where there is a cost involved either the cost will be split between all the properties (with prior authority) or if property specific the cost will be for the property (with prior authority from the property)

  8. Electronic Mail shots for specific events, packages etc. – design or use clients flyer and send to target market segments on database.

  9. Grow your business with e-mail marketing: – “Top of Mind Marketing”

              • Engage your target market

  • Incentivise customers to optimise open & click through rates

  • Soften those deals that were just abandoned

  • Reward your most loyal customers

  • Make your transactional e-mails count

  • CRM – Client Relationship Management – clients rely on your communications and look forward to the content thus the relationship building and management.


11. Market Research on Request.

12. Reservations will be forwarded to the properties and the property to close the deal. “We bring the

business to the door”. Where LMc Marketing & Communications assistance needed the property to

timeously request our assistance – this must be the exception not the rule.

13. Media Opportunities – offer to owners/managers – competitions, articles, trade exchanges

14. Advertising – vet advertising calls on behalf of properties – recommend worthwhile opportunities

only. Advertising costs with prior authority for clients account.

15. Design Packages in conjunction with the GM of the hotel/conference facility and industry partners.

16. Prize Letter Control / get allocation of prize letters per property to use for marketing opportunities.

17. Arrange site inspections of Hotel/conference facility to provide the market with a visual experience.

18. Add the property to website.
19. Add the property to hotel listing
20. Add property to LMc Marketing & Communications ISSUU presentation

21. Assist new properties with templates for:

1. STOContracts

2. PrizeLetters
3. RateSchedules

  1. Letters of appointment for certain positions

  2. Job descriptions for certain positions

  3. List of recommended Booking Engines to register on

  4. List of recommended Government Databases to be registered on

  5. Create invitations for invitations to LMc database to view property and manage RSVP

PR & Media

  1. Compiling media strategies

  2. Compiling and disseminating professional media releases

  3. Compiling media packs

  4. Compiling and disseminating electronic newsletters

  5. Conceptualising and organising media promotions and competitions

6. Organising and co-ordinating special events and promotions, grand openings, product launches and sponsorships

7. Compiling and submitting entries to various awards that are specific to the client

8. Organising group and individual media visits

9. Organising media interviews.

Brand Management

Should you wish to have the best that your product has to offer packaged in a professional and visually-engaging corporate identity, we will work with you to discover and articulate a set of key message points. We work hand-in-hand with a design studio to create beautiful designs for anything from brochures to websites.

  1. Brochures

  2. Corporate stationery

  3. Electronic stationery and email signatures

  4. CD labels

  5. Postcards

6. Stickers and packaging

7. Laundry lists and menus

8. Flags

9. Websites (see further details below)

10. Any other promotional material.

Social Media

(additional fee)

Social media has become an integral part of any marketing campaign. We recognise the value of these platforms and keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments and technology and work hand in hand with a company who are able to offer a dedicated social media service. They are able to set up and effectively manage blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of our clients, and integrate these activities with any other PR and media promotions.

Website & SEO Optimisation

(additional fee)

We work with a reputable company who are able to develop and manage our clients’ websites to ensure maximum hits and effective linking to similar product or sites. They will help you to understand what it takes to get to the top of the search engine rankings and we will create a site that will drive Internet traffic to your website using ethical techniques that are long-lasting.

  1. Internet services:

  2. Website design and development

  3. Web development

  4. Website hosting services

  5. Website maintenance

  6. SEO campaigns

Additional Services

  1. Assist and recommend suppliers to create and host websites and monitor

  2. Assist and recommend suppliers who manage Facebook page professionally and monitor

  3. Safety and security audit for an additional fee which is to be agreed in advance,

  4. Structured Sales Calls/Presentations on behalf of or with property – additional fee to be negotiated in advance to the following market segments: – fee depending on costs and Region – these segments are all segmented into Regions and areas on the mail database as shown above

  5. Operational Audits – additional fee to be negotiated in advance.

  6. Staff training in various positions – this at additional fee to be negotiated in advance

  7. Add Hotel e-mail database as separate database and only use for hotel/venue

  8. Train hotel Sales staff in “Need Satisfaction Selling” where necessary – this additional charge negotiable where necessary.

  9. Attend function and network with clients introducing GM/Owners to clients.

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