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Welcome to LMC Marketing & Communications

LMc Marketing & Communications is owner run and managed by Lerina McCall and is about providing small and medium sized businesses with the competitive marketing edge. Focused individualised marketing and communications they need to survive in a tough industry and economic climate.

Many small to medium sized businesses both want and need online and offline marketing initiatives but can’t afford the expenses associated with hiring large scale marketing firms and advertising agencies. Often they don’t have the “know how” or time to complete certain tasks.

My mission is to make sure that my clients get the exact help they need at a cost that will insure they have a high ROI (return on investment).

Small businesses are the fuel behind a healthy economy and I want those businesses to thrive, it’s in everyone’s best interest. When these businesses flourish, they will inevitably expand their business and possibly create jobs in their area.

The knowledge that I can in someway help a community through helping your business thrive, fuels my passion for what I do even more.

Currently the client base includes from business owners in the restaurant industry, to the professional services sector. Whether it’s a young business that needs help setting up, to a mature company that is in need of professional services, I look forward to the challenge of assisting with a marketing solution.

Companies and hotels will enjoy my focus and individual attention as a respected well known industry professional who has the requisite skills, knowledge and experience in:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Press Releases –Media Weekends/Functions
  • Media Opportunities
  • Communications
  • Eventing
  • Training
  • Counselling
  • Human Resources
  • Assistance with Business Plan
  • Assistance with Setting of rates/pricing
  • News letters to clients
  • Market Research on Request
  • Assist with HR – templates for certain job descriptions, assist in recruitment.

Why Choose LMC Marketing & Communications?

  • The company is owner run and managed.

  • I am well known and respected by the national database of the various market segments and trusted by these clients to deliver service and ensure that the properties or products I represent will do the same.

  • My network of national decision makers across the board benefit the properties I represent.

  • The database of clients are in excess of 50,000 hotel users, who are very loyal to me and who ask me first when they are looking to use a hotel for business, conference or leisure.

  • My passion and dedication to the industry and the clients with whom I work.

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